Integrating Western Psychotherapy with Eastern Wisdom and 
Body-Centered Healing (SE)

Joan Stenzler, LCSW

Couples Counseling:

This page is for individuals, single or 
married, either exploring or already in 
a committed relationship. 

People in healthy relationships feel:

  • seen and understood
  • supported and nurtured
  • respected and appreciated
  • connected in a meaningful way

     When it doesn't feel that way, it can be         really frustrating cause unhappiness 
     and lead to anxiety, depression and 
     loss of hope for your future together....      

Joan Stenzler is a holistic psychotherapist 
with 28 years of experience helping individuals 
and couples find ways to understand, work on 
and resolve their problems successfully.

She offers a FREE 20 minute phone consult
so those seeking help can discuss their concerns and have the opportunity to experience 
Joan's dynamic interactive approach! 

To schedule your no-risk appointment today
call Joan at 516-522-0573 or e-mail her at
[email protected]

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