Integrating Western Psychotherapy with Eastern Wisdom and 
Body-Centered Healing (SE)

Hello! My name is Joan Stenzler. 

Thank you for taking time 
to learn about my practice!

I am a holistic psychotherapist & licensed 
clinical social worker, with over 25 years 
of experience helping others.

I have Master's Degree in Social Work 
and a BS in Health Sciences 

In 1999, after practicing and learning yoga 
and meditation myself  for many years, 
I was certified to teach Kripalu Yoga. 
In August of 2008, I completed my 
500-hour level of training and became a Professional Level Kripalu Yoga Teacher.

Over the past 15 years, I have created a holistic psychotherapy practice, combining the best of Western psychological theory with wellness concepts from yoga, meditation and mindfulness.

This whole-person, integrative approach has profoundly transformed my patients' experiences 
work with me and is an effective means of finding practical solutions to life's everyday challenges!

I'm a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and completed a 3 year SE Advanced Clinical training.
Using SE and applied concepts from  yoga and meditation,  I offer a Body-Center approach to healing that is gentle yet very powerful.  

I am one of a handful of psychotherapists in the Queens/Long Island area trained in this gentle, cutting edge approach to healing from difficult, challenging or traumatic situations

Professional Memberships: 

US Body Psychotherapists Association
Somatic Experiencing Training Institute

For more information about Somatic Experiencing, go to 

To learn more about my holistic approach to healing and Somatic Experiencing, schedule your FR*EE 20 minute consultation today!

Contact Joan at 516-522-0573 or e-mail [email protected]
Joan Stenzler, LCSW

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